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Have a niece or nephew, from 5 to 9 in age?
For their birthday, give a book with fun on every page!
A trip across America, in red and white and blue.
Introduce the USA, from a trailer’s point of view!

Travels With Trudy is a children’s book for kids from five through nine years of age…and adults of all ages! In fact, Y.D. (as in Yankee Doodle) Davey, the author, wrote the book with adults in mind. “Most children’s picture books, it seems to me,” he says, “aren’t all that interesting to adults after the first time reading them to a child. I wanted adults to like Travels With Trudy as much as the kids do, and, from all of the feedback I receive, they do, which is really great. After all, it’s the adults who are the ones that have the money and can buy the book!” 

Travels With Trudy is for people who love the United States of America and want the children in their lives to love America, too. Trudy the Trailer loves America! And she would really like to see all the great sights across the country. There’s just one problem. She’s stuck in the back of a used car lot, sitting on cinder blocks. All she can do is dream about visiting places like San Francisco, Niagara Falls, Mt. Rushmore, New York City and lots more great destinations. With her best friend forever, Ollie the Auto, who has just been “re-tired,” her dreams also take her to Yosemite Park, Washington, D.C., when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, then Florida, New Orleans, out West, Hoover Dam and, finally, Hollywood. Will her dreams ever come true? They do, with a happy ending that will delight the kids and adults will find endearing. 

Travels With Trudy is educational in several ways. Obviously, after reading the book, kids will know something about all 11 destinations in the book. In fact, they may know more about some of the destinations than many adults. For example, how many Americans can actually name the four presidents at Mount Rushmore? Not as many as you might think. After reading Travels With Trudy, not only will the kids know, but their grownups might learn a thing or two, as well. What body of water was formed when Hoover Dam was built? Lake Mead, and kids will know that after Trudy the Trailer and Ollie the Auto drive over the dam. Then there’s Washington, D.C., which features the cherry blossoms, the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court. But the book is educational in another way: the language. There are many new and multi-syllable words and American colloquial phrases, too. This means that grownups can do more than just read the book to the kids. They can explain and educate, as well.

Each illustration in the book is a work of art in itself. The artist, Tom Ricotta, is a fine artist, literally, whose serious work—oil portraits, seascapes and still lifes— are remarkable in their detail. But Tom is not simply a great technician, with a terrific eye. As each page of Travels With Trudy exhibits, he possesses a truly unique sense of humor and cleverness that makes every illustration pleasing to the eye and engaging to the imagination of the reader. In fact, it is the illustrations in the book that most impress both kids and grownups. The rhyming verse is the icing on the cake. It’s clever and fun to read. Not just once or twice…but every time someone opens Travels With Trudy and starts their trip with Trudy and Ollie, all over again. 

The beautiful hardcover edition of Travels With Trudy comes with a companion Trudy and Ollie Coloring & Fun Book, with images from all of the destinations that kids, or their grownups, can color any way they choose. There are also fun games on the back cover of the Coloring & Fun Book, including a maze and a crossword puzzle! Shipping is also included in the $15 price. The hardcover, the coloring book and shipping, all for $15? That’s right!

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, friends…buy Travels With Trudy today and enjoy it yourself before giving it to your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or any kid you want to introduce to the good old USA! Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, any occasion is a great occasion for some lucky child to receive the gift of America in an entertaining book they will cherish and, perhaps, hand down to their children, someday. 

Happy trails and God bless America!

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Travel the USA

Travel to San Francisco, Yosemite Park, Niagara Falls, New Orleans, and many other great places throughout the United States. Something to see and learn on every page.

Kids love the fun illustrations, and grownups enjoy reading the clever rhymes. Signed by author, Y.D. (as in Yankee Doodle) Davey, the book also comes with a free coloring & fun book!

About the Author

Y.D. (Yankee Doodle) Davey is the pen name of author, David Fine. Dave has worked as a writer and editor in corporate communications and pharmaceutical advertising, for many years. He also has performed professionally as an actor, stand up comic, emcee, and radio host. Dave is also the author of Onward Setonia, the fight song of his alma mater, Seton Hall University. Go Pirates!

Dave loves the United States of America and is very patriotic. Click the button below to read his poem honoring veterans and those who never came back.

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